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Graduation Week

The 2014 class at West Point Graduated this week. Per President Obama’s words, they might be the first class in over 10 years to graduate and not deploy into a war zone. I’m hopeful we can spend the rest of my husband’s Army career with no deployments.

3 Beans Studio3 Beans Studio

My babes were both able to snag a hat after the traditional hat toss. They’ll never forget that experience!! 3 Beans Studio3 Beans Studio

A few other photos from the weekend. 3 Beans Studio3 Beans Studio

becky m - May 30, 2014 - 7:02 pm

I hope you all can avoid deployment as well! Beautiful photos. How cute is G with that hat on!!

Daring Greatly (Quietly)


When my friend Mike (the founder of Team RWB) sent me an invite to hear Brene Brown and Susan Cain “Holy Crap!” was the only way I could respond. Then I figured, “Yeah, that’ll be cool.” Thinking it would be The two NY Times Best Sellers, Team RWB and a crap ton of cadets in a huge auditorium. Oh, no. It was a dozen cadets and a dozen professionals and it was amazing!!! Having my worlds align in this way was nothing short of euphoric. Both Susan Cain and Brene Brown are just as amazing in person as you’d imagine them to be from their research, writing and seeing them on Oprah!!!





One of my friends welcomed her beautiful baby this week! Henry is just perfection!!

becky m - May 8, 2014 - 11:40 pm

These are gorgeous! You were meant to do this!! :)


For the better part of a year, I’ve been feeling less than my best. I’ve been less friendly, less willing to break the ice in new social situations, less willing to even GO to new social situations. A friend of mine connected me with a event planner in the city who brought me aboard to photograph “Crazy, Sexy, Miracles.” It was serendipity!! 3 Beans Studio

Kris Carr–in her AMAZING shoes–said something about having “in years.” Years where there is only enough energy to focus on your soul and body. It really resonated with me. I started to feel much better about the fact that I thought I was moving in reverse; A social butterfly who suddenly feels like a worm in a chrysalis. I’ve been having and trying accept my “in” year. I still socialize, of course. Just not as much as I feel like I should or would have, even a handful of months ago. Maybe when the weather starts to warm up and some of this snow starts to melt, I’ll feel like coming back out and joining the world again?

3 Beans Studio3 Beans Studio3 Beans Studio

OH, but when I have gotten out, I’ve gone out BIG! The Point Plungers (“The Point” is another nick name for West Point) donned our bright pink uniforms, hand the cameras and kids off to the husbands and each took turns plunging into a literally FREEZING waters to raise money for the Special Olympics of New York. We were SO proud be in the top 10 fundraiser teams in NY!!! People think soldiers are amazing, but the WIVES of soldiers, those are the people who continuously amaze me, in every way!!! So much grace, grit and humility.

3 Beans Studio

Nothing like seeing the “jump scene” marked off with “crime scene” tape, LOL!3 Beans Studio


The blocks of ice lining the water? Ice they had to CUT from the surface so we could actually jump into WATER. BRRRRR.

Becky M - March 19, 2014 - 8:08 pm

I’m right there with you. For me I know why I’ve been less social, exhaustion!! I do believe these things are cyclical though. You’ll snap out of it when the time is right. It looks like you’ve got a great support group in the military wives though. What a fun fundraiser!!

Follow the light….

After re-reading my last blog post, I realized how vague I was. I have a hard time wanting to talk about work in such a public forum, because I work in a “private” profession. I also got all of my venting out of my system the first few days after leaving my job. For the sake of not leaving you hanging (I hate vauge “you’re not in the know” posts on any forum!!” this is what happened:

I was up for contract renewal at my job. The place I’m at in therapy, there is a lot of transition. Either people jump to keep you or they jump to fill your spot with new residents/externs who can boost the profit margin. I was under the impression that I was going to be staying at the practice I was at. We were about 3 weeks into contract negotiations and I had already been offered more in compensation. We were working out details of whether I would continue is an an independent agent who billed the owner of the practice or if I would become an “employee” of the practice. The owner and I felt very differently about this. It was clear that we both were not willing to budge on our stance, so we parted ways. The owner and I met again at the beginning of the month just to tie up loose ends and make a peaceful parting (that’s what therapists do!).

What I AM doing right now:

1) I have to study for the national exam which I’ll take in May. Most of my peers took the exam 2 years out of grad school and even they had plenty of studying to do. So 8 years later, I’m a little nervous about it. Who doesn’t get nervous about taking an exam that takes 1/2 a day?? Still, in practice, I realized just how AMAZING the program I graduate from is. I was definitely given a rock solid foundation in the mental health field and quite frankly it’s a little scary to see other programs pumping out ill trained professionals to help other people.

2) I always have photography to fall back on, which is wonderful. Photographing the Crazy, Sexy, Miracles event opened up some doors for me that have been beautiful!! Did I ever blog about Crazy, Sexy, Miracles? If not, that will be up next!!

3) I have a workbook in the making. My husband has been encouraging me to (FOR YEARS!!!!) to get some of my detailed treatment plans that have gotten beautiful reviews from families into a usable format for other families or practitioners. He knew there would be NO good coming out of 4 or 5 full months at home. It was evident to both of us many moons ago that I’m just not domestic enough to be at home full time. So there’s a workbook in the making.

4) Kriss Carr (Crazy, Sexy, Cancer) REALLY opened my eyes to just being OK with having an “in” year. So I’m trying to embrace that. I’ve been juicing, working out (tennis, yoga, spin) and just trying to be present with the kids and with Greg.