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This year has absolutely flown by. It feels like the year of a thousand directions. I feel like I haven’t been able to dedicate full time attention to any one thing in my life. I’m certainly not complaining. It has been a full year of trips, friends, photos, sewing, crafts, kids, sports, food, reading, boating, fishing and on and on. With the holiday card scramble full on, I decided to take a minute to find a few of my favorite photos I’ve taken this year. Enjoy!!  3 Beans Studio3 Beans Studio
3 Beans Studio
potpouri layoutpotpouri layout2potpouri layout3

These are not at all my favorite photos, but this project has been years in the making. When my middle daughter was born my darling friend Kim knit her a hedgehog. She also included a hedgehog for my son. You can tell they are well loved animals. My friend Kim encouraged me that the hedgehogs were an easy knit. I was not convinced. What DID convince me to finally cave and try out the pattern was my youngest child’s incessant begging for a hedgehog of her own. I had thought to commission my friend to make a 3rd, but she went along and got pregnant with twins, thus ruining my ability to make ANY requests from her of any sort. At least this is how it works in my “If you’d like to stay friends with me” rule book. Then again, other people don’t make as good a friend as I do ;)!! I was told if one was dedicated they could finish the hedgehog in a day or two. My full dedication lasted about 3 months. It was a glorious finish. potpouri layout4


West Point Cadet Uniform Items

I have a few West Point Cadet Uniform Items listed in my Etsy Shop. West Point, like any other college town is a bubble of pride. Although there is obviously a large military over tone to everything, the pride is still palpable. The cadets don’t always appreciate their situation; long hours, rules, rules, rules, competitiveness, athletics and of course grueling academics. I’ve found it’s the instructors and TACs who after a decade in the Army come back to truly appreciate the experiences of “The Long Grey Line.”

I have a handful of times up to get the Army fans excited for Black Knight Foot Ball. Go Army! Beat Navy!!

West Point Cadet Uniform Dress

West Point Cadet Uniform Dress

West Point Cadet Uniform Dress

West Point Cadet Uniform Bag

West Point Cadet Uniform BagWest Point Cadet Uniform Bag3 Beans Studio


Graduation Week

The 2014 class at West Point Graduated this week. Per President Obama’s words, they might be the first class in over 10 years to graduate and not deploy into a war zone. I’m hopeful we can spend the rest of my husband’s Army career with no deployments.

3 Beans Studio3 Beans Studio

My babes were both able to snag a hat after the traditional hat toss. They’ll never forget that experience!! 3 Beans Studio3 Beans Studio

A few other photos from the weekend. 3 Beans Studio3 Beans Studio

becky m - May 30, 2014 - 7:02 pm

I hope you all can avoid deployment as well! Beautiful photos. How cute is G with that hat on!!

Daring Greatly (Quietly)


When my friend Mike (the founder of Team RWB) sent me an invite to hear Brene Brown and Susan Cain “Holy Crap!” was the only way I could respond. Then I figured, “Yeah, that’ll be cool.” Thinking it would be The two NY Times Best Sellers, Team RWB and a crap ton of cadets in a huge auditorium. Oh, no. It was a dozen cadets and a dozen professionals and it was amazing!!! Having my worlds align in this way was nothing short of euphoric. Both Susan Cain and Brene Brown are just as amazing in person as you’d imagine them to be from their research, writing and seeing them on Oprah!!!