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Are we there yet?

I thought I’d be more diligent about posting. For some reason, I assumed I would have a lot of extra free time. There have been many moments that I could have used to blog, but I think knowing that we are going to be SO far from each place we have visited I have stayed (I like to believe) very present in our day to day affairs.

At this point, I’m telling myself when I get back to my desk and desk top, I’ll post a stop by stop review. For now, here are my highlights. They mostly center around seeing family and friends.


We stayed in downtown St. Louis and it was a favorite all around.  We spent some time in O’Fallon, visiting a friend’s soap and vintage shop, Larkspur Lane.

The next handful of places are hard to rate.  Each one brought me SO much fulfillment. 

Ft.  Leavenworth:  

My friend, Liz. Before we even arrived at her home, I knew I wanted to do an indepth blog post about her and her home. I WILL, but not today.  For now  II’ll leave you with ONE of the books I was greeted with, the table that never slept and the photo that will be framed in my office for the rest of my life. 

 White House Ruins.  

I’ll wait to write more on this region; as always, it stirs a deep part of me.  

Barstow: because that’s what friends do!! 🙂
Half Moon Bay. There’s a part of the soul that only family can fill.

Dundee, Oregon. Literally my heaven on earth.


My hope is that before the end of the summer I’ll be able to write a bit on each of the places we’ve called home, over the past handful of weeks. We have a month more of travel before we reach our “home.”

I’m already feeling the pull to be in my own space.


West Point, Round Pond, Corning, Watkins Glen


We’ve started our cross country drive. It started with a small hiccup. Our kid’s passports never arrived. It sounds like the military will forward them to us at our final “lower 48” destination. I opted to commit to paper journaling for this trip, so I’ll have to return and do more in depth posts.


We scratched Niagra Falls off our list and added Corning, NY. We were lucky that our stay coincided with the annual glass festival. If you love vintage pyrex, you would be in heaven. image


We also took the kids to hike Watkin’s Glen. It’s gorges boast a few dozen naturally occurring water falls. The kids did the entire two mile loop with enthusiasm. It was well worth the drive!! image


Chameleon Kids

Today, they will pack up all of your stuff.
Your prized Lego models that took so long to build,
A favorite collection it took so long to gather.
All wrapped up in brown paper.

You look at your friends,
You wonder if you will ever see them again.
You worry they will make new friends.
You think they will forget about you.
Tomorrow a big truck will pull up on our road.
They will load all of your stuff into it.
Then you will watch it pull away.
You worry and wait for what’s next.

Today, tomorrow, and the days after will be hard.
There will be lots of change.
There will be lots of worry.
There will be lots of things we cannot predict.

But I will be there with you.
I will hold your hand.
We will do this together.
And, on the other end, we will make the best of this life.

You are a military kid.
I am a military mom or dad.
We are a military family.
And we will make the most of this next adventure. Together.

© Chameleon Kids 2015


Our first shipment of household goods left today and I’m feeling the sadness and angst my kids have been working through the past few weeks. It’s been the most emotionally challenging move we’ve done, both in distance and awareness. The kids have had ups and downs, trying to process all of the big changes that are just around the corner.

Luckily, my son (who is feeling the upheaval most intensely) has been able to make some life lasting connections with the boys he’s so sad to leave behind. He took his First Communion this past weekend. My husband and I were equally proud and embarrassed that, despite the hubbub around First Communion, he didn’t realize what a big deal it was until he saw the cake. I guess he’s been to enough formal events in his 8 years that suits, photographers and prominent guests mean very little to him. LOL. When he saw the 100+ person sheet cake we ordered for his party, he said “WOW, this must big a really big deal!!” Thankfully I didn’t over estimate and the cake was gone before the weekend was out.


Since my last post I finished Kristin Hannah’s “The Nightingale” and Christina Baker Kline’s “Orphan Train.”



I’m working my way through “Spool of Blue Thread,” but I don’t know that I’d recommend it.


Shakes, Scents, Soap and The Sun.

My speakers have been humming the new Alabama Shakes album. The album is full of bluesy, soulful, rockin’, alternative sweetness. Take a listen. I’ll say you’re welcome in advance.



I’m not a network marketing sort of person, but I must say that I am loving doterra. I bought a bunch of it from a friend and it’s divine. I’ve always had a collection of my favorite essential oils. Also, being from the PNW, I don’t know that it was ever a far reach to find just about any essential oil you wanted at most grocery stores and pharmacies. I’ve been surprised at how commercial the network marketing people have made it. Still, I’ll take some good lavender and ylang ylang any day.

3 Beans Studio


I have an amazingly full life filled with the MOST amazing people. Every day I get little glimpses of just how much love there is out there. It’s overwhelming and humbling. I opened my mailbox the other day and I was taken with just how damn good it smelled. I pulled out a small box that I wanted to just eat!! Inside I found these handmade soaps from Larkspur Lane Soapery and Vintage Store.

3 Beans Studio

The owner sent me a little note that she made these “3Bean” soaps for me, betoken of my logo!!! Too amazing.   3 Beans Studio3 Beans Studio


Last year was a year for good books for me. I could sing praises for each book on it’s own regard, but this is one book in particular I just fell in love with.




It’s a young adult book, so not so heavy, but poetically written. A great beach read!!



3 Beans StudioThis year I decided I would tag along on the the Crew’s spring training. They always travel some place warmer and sunnier than NY is in mid-March. I doubt we’ll get to see much crew at our new home, so it was great to spend a week, in the sun, watching the rowers.

3 Beans Studio